— “created   by mental health professionals for mental health professionals”

EBHC is a network of business professionals, all collaborating to support you in delivering the very best in mental healthcare, therapeutic services, and support for your behavioralhealth.network clients.
If you have wanted to start or expand your private practice but have lacked the knowledge, insights, contacts or resources, – or have simply been unsure if you can make a go of it on your own – let’s chat. The good news is,  as a member of The Edina Behavioral Health Collaborative, and with the ongoing support Gina Schuchman and her team of EBHC business professionals-
“…you can now be in practice for yourself – but not have to be in business by yourself.”
Register for a two-week trial membership to learn more and see if joining our community is a good fit for you.   Let our team of EBHC experts do what they do best – help you plan and manage your business so you can what you do best, focus on helping your clients grow and improve to become the best people they want to be. It just might be the best way to take your private practice to the next level. Register for a trial membership and see how being an associate of Edina Behavioral Health Collaborative can provide the support and resources you need to build your private practice
– without compromising your personal autonomy.